composition – Antony Pitts

You may be interested in a specific piece by Antony, or wish to commission a new piece from him, or would simply like more information about his music. 


Antony is currently completing his mammoth Requiem for the Time of the End, divided into four cantatas.  Most movements have already been commissioned and many already performed by outstanding ensembles, but there are still opportunities to support the composition of some of the remaining movements.

Antony is also developing a multilayered music theatre project with Adrian Self, called The Process (after Franz Kafka), each of which can be presented separately or together, e.g. at a festival.  The main narrative layer, which takes place on stage, is called Mortification.  There is a choral layer for many voices, called Murmuration, based on the movement of starlings.  And there is a radiophonic layer of audio called Reverberation.  Opportunities exist to commit to the commissioning of different elements in each layer, or generally to the whole project. 


Antony is developing his "murmuration" technique for a series of a cappella and mixed instrumental and vocal forces.  If you would be interested in specially commissioning a piece in this series, please enquire using this form or contact Natalie directly. 

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